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While people with Autism share common characteristics each person is unique and has their own strengths and challenges.

What is Autism?


Gained his Basic Food Hygiene Certificate

Gained his 10m Backstroke Badge

Barry got a job working in our cen​tre


Achieved Grades 1 and 2 Guitar

Passed his Level 5 Science, English, and Maths SATs

Thomas earned four awards. They are: Standing Triple Jump award, Mini Javelin award, Class Teacher's award, and Head Teacher's award

Thomas received a medal for earning second place in his age group with the Scunthorpe Air Weapons Society

​Thomas passed his 11 plus exam​


Passed her Level 2 French exam

Gained her 25m Backstroke badge

Hope achieved 3rd place in the Disport Regional Athletics

Hope won Team Reading Champion for her class in 2015


Paige achieved a Distinction/Merit/Merit grade in Performing Arts, allowing her to be accepted into the University of Hull

Achieved Grades 1 and 2 Musical Theory

Achieved Grades 1-5 Singing

Named Overall Best in Performing Arts

Paige got to sing with the Scunthorpe Co-operative Choir at St Mark's Basilica, Venice

Paige won the Community Champions Young Volunteer of the Year 2013

Gained a Most Improved achievement certificate

​Gained her 10m Backstroke badge

Gained her Basic Food Hygiene Certificate


This page is dedicated to some very special people who surprise everyone by achieving some very extraordinary things!