As a charity we rely heavily upon you and your support.

There are several ways in which you can contribute.

Helping us to help you

This is the place to keep up with all our upcoming events and activities.  Have your diary at the ready!

Future events

While people with Autism share common characteristics each person is unique and has their own strengths and challenges.

What is Autism?

Our centre and our vision for the futureOur centre is at Kinsley Hall in Scunthorpe it is of great benefit to all the kids and their families. We have a sensory room, a computer area and a play area.  Our vision for the future is to have a purpose built centre to provide respite accommodation and much much more!

As well as everything we aim to do for the kids every day, week, month and year we also have a big vision for the future, we aim to have a respite centre  with overnight accomodation for 3 kids.  As we are all aware how valuable a little bit of respite can be to the kids, their parents and their siblings

​This has been our goal at Magic Moments since we were established back in 2002

​As well as the accommodation we would like a sensory room due to the popularity of the one we have nowand we would love to complement the room with a sensory garden within the grounds of the new building, with the possibility of adding a swimming pool in the future.

Some people would think this to be impossible, but look at what our kids have achieved, they are a perfect example of everything being possible.  

With your continued help and support we believe this dream can become a reality!


How we achieve the things we do

We rely heavily on two main things. Our members and fundraisers and our Sponsors.  We recently had a fundraising video film made, you can see it here.  Members help raise the funds we need each year. Our sponsors also help with the funds we need and also material things we often need, toys etc for the kids, building materials for recent renovation work and sponsoring tables at our annual summer ball. To see who our sponsors are, how they have helped us and information on becoming one of our sponsors then visit the our Sponsors page, or contact us

How we came to be here

Magic Moments for Autistic Kids was founded in February 2002.  It was the idea of the chairperson Pat Ebbs who was disheartened by the lack of local funding and support, as she has grandchildren with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. The charity attained registered charity status on 3rd September 2002.  The aim of Magic Moments is to raise money to fund holidays, short breaks, day trips and recreational activities for autistic Kids, their families and carers in North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire.  Magic Moments is also there to offer support to all families and allow the siblings of autistic children to, for a short period, have a taste of a normal childhood.  In addition to providing  “Magic Moments“ for the children,  It also improves their self esteem within the group and helps inject some  sunshine into the very limited world of an autistic child.


Welcome to Magic Moments for Autistic Kids and their  families.  We are a registered charity set up to help kids on the autistic spectrum.  We raise funds so we can turn their dreams into reality, and give them the help and support they need, as well as give help and support to their families.

As a Charity our dream is to make the children's dreams come true.

Our story & our aim