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While people with Autism share common characteristics each person is unique and has their own strengths and challenges.

What is Autism?

As a Charity our dream is to make the children's dreams come true.

Here at Magic Moments we are very proud of what we, as a charity, have been able to achieve. 

In recognition of our achievements we have been given The Queens Award! 

The Queens Award for Voluntary Work is a very prestigious award that we are very proud, not only to have been nominated for, but to of had the privilege of winning. 

​The Queens Award, which is referred to as 'The M.B.E for Volunteer Groups.' Was awarded to Magic Moments in May 2009 in recognition of all the hard work our volunteers do and all the wonderful children they help.

An extract from the Queens Award for Voluntary Work Website

In 2002, in celebration of Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee, the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award for Voluntary Service by Groups in the Community was established.  It's purpose is to recognise groups of individuals who are giving their time freely for the benefit of others.  It is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon groups of this kind and is equivalent in status to the M.B.E.  

As such, the Queen’s Award not only serves to provide recognition of volunteer groups, but also demonstrates the high respect in which volunteering is held.

We are very proud and honored to get this award and it will be of great benefit to the charity and the kids. It shows how much work the volunteers and fundraisers and families and kids put in to make the charity a success.

The Queen's garden party - Told by Pat

Queens Garden Party. 21st of July 2009 Well what a very surreal 2 days we have just spent. We went by Train which was very quick and we were helped all the way. Help at Doncaster was particularly good. We stayed at the commodore Hotel near Hyde Park. Ok but a bit difficult for me as three steps up to our room were very steep. We decided to go to a show. We went to Sister Act it was brilliant. It was at the London Palladium. When we got there were 150 steps up to our seats, I could not do it so they put us in the royal box. Jayne and Alison were vying for the queen’s seat you could see everyone looking to see who we were. It was a brilliant experience. Unfortunately we were done by the taxi that took us to the wrong theatre and left us stranded. We did complain and got our money back (we booked it via the hotel)... As you all know I was reticent to go, the Queen has been a good monarch, but you all know my feelings about the royal family. Alison and Jayne were in their element there, it was just uncomfortable as it rained a lot and I got very cold. We tried to leave early but were put in a line up to meet the royal family. Jayne was pleased as she wanted to meet Prince Charles; Ali was just Ali, grinning like a Cheshire cat. I was not amused (no pun intended) I put my brolly down so I did not have to talk to anyone. It worked until I thought they had all gone and the Duchess of Gloucester got me. She was very nice but I was so cold I just wanted to go. It was a shame that we were not given name badges as it was difficult to know who to talk to. Lots of lovely dresses and hats to view, some were awful. We had a nice meal at a sushi restaurant next to The London Palladium, ended up would you believe at burger king at kings cross on the way home. 

If you would like to view the photos of our trip click here

We have since had a presentation evening, along with a ball to celebrate receiving the award. If you would like to know more click here